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Parents - What To Expect

If nothing else, having an Air Cadet in the family usually means a busy week, busy training year and a fulfilling few years as you watch your son or daughter grow into a disciplined, skilled and mature citizen as they confidently move into their adult life.  Many parents volunteer their time and assist the squadron.  If interested in volunteering your time, more information may be found here.





Cadets will  be asked to sell tags and lottery books ## continue S.C

Mandatory Aspects

The regular training year runs from September through to June. 
Your Cadet will have one mandatory meeting each week called a 'Parade night.'
Mandatory aspects of the program are must do’s for all Cadets and form the basis for the program across Canada. These include activities such as local Remembrance Day Parades and the Squadron’s Annual Ceremonial Review.

Complementary programs are also required elements, which take place on weekends and other nights through the week. These support the mandatory training. For example, attending a Gliding Familiarization days at the local gliding centre or a weekend Field Training Exercise (FTX).  In order for Cadets to progress and be successful, they must participate fully in these Complementary activities.


These include such activities as music and band, drill team, effective speaking, debating, biathlon, model aircraft, sports teams…just to name a few!

Summer Opportunities

Following the regular training year, Cadets have an opportunity to attend Summer Training Courses. Various types of courses are held at a number of Cadet Summer Training Centres across the province. With the assistance of the squadron Training Officer, Cadets can apply for a variety of courses based on their age, training level, and interests.

As they progress through the program the opportunities for summer training expands. 

A first year Cadet may attend a 2 week General Training Course and learn the basics of flying, drill, aviation careers and teamwork. 

A second year Cadet may choose to apply for the Basic Leadership or Basic Musician course. 

By the time a cadet is in their fourth or fifth year they are eligible to apply for National Level Courses such as Glider Pilot or Power Pilot, advanced training for those who may be interested in achieving their aviation licence or pursuing a career as a Pilot.  Also by age 17, Cadets can apply for the International Air Cadet Exchange which could take them to various countries around the world to learn more about Air Cadets and aviation while also being Ambassador Cadets for Canada.

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